Outdoor Dining Back At Newport Beach Restaurants

The Regional Stay At Home order has been lifted and with it comes the return of outdoor dining to Newport Beach. Newport Beach is a huge restaurant town and, they have struggled during the pandemic with many closing for good.

The return of outdoor dining which hasn’t been allowed since December 6th will be a help for the restaurants as well as a break for the customers who have had to pick food up or have it delivered. There is something to be said for enjoying a nice glass of wine with dinner served to you on a plate instead of eating out of to go cartons.

Yes there still will be the social distancing and, mask wearing but there is so many great restaurants in Newport Beach with patios with amazing views getting back to a tiny slice of normalcy will be nice.

The Limited Stay At Home order also has ended which means there is no longer a curfew between 10 pm and 5 am in which you weren’t allowed outside for non essential things. This means restaurants that stay open late for example on Friday or Saturday nights will no longer have to be closed by 10pm.

This recent change is a long way from everything being normal but we will take what we can get and hope for better times later in the year.

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