Organic Waste Recycling Starting In Newport Beach

Starting this week residents of Newport Beach will start receiving new green top trash carts because of the new mandate from the State of California for organic waste recycling. Under the new requirement there must be a separate bin for yard waste as well as food scraps.

Because of the change Newport Beach residents will now have three separate carts one for solid waste, one for mixed recyclables as well as the new one for food waste and landscaping waste. The idea of the new plan is to reduce the amount of organic waste that currently goes in to landfills. When organic waste decomposes it produces greenhouse gases so this program is designed to reduce that.

Residents don’t have to do anything starting now and until March 31st they will get the new green topped recycling containers delivered. The new carts come with on instructions on how to use them. Residents will also receive a two gallon bucket that they can use for kitchen scraps if they choose.

More Information:

Visit the City Of Newport Beach Recycling webpage

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