Opinion: Electric Bikes On Boardwalk

The City Of Newport Beach needs to deal with the use of electric bikes, boards an, scooters in Newport Beach. Let’s start off by saying i don’t own and electric bike or similar products but i do think the products are cool as well as being an environmentally friendly way to get around.

The issue for me is your walking around town especially on the boardwalk and you expect to watch out for the occasionally pedal bikes. Generally the pedal bike users will slow down around pedestrians or areas like around the piers that more pedestrians might be.

The electric bikes and, similar products don’t make noise as well as tending to travel at faster constant speeds as people tend to get tired before batteries do. When it was the occasional electric board or scooter is was less of any issue but as prices have come down especially on electric bikes they have become more common.

I think enforcement on electric bikes, boards and, scooters should be stepped up across Newport Beach seems less of an issue but especially on the boardwalk the beach.

When i say enforcement I mean by giving people riding fast or unsafe around pedestrians with warning tickets so hopefully they will behave better and, not make it unsafe for pedestrians.

I’m not saying all riders of electric bikes, scooters or boards are unsafe or operate dangerously but some are so need to be educated before someone gets hurt.

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