Is Ruby’s On Balboa Pier Staying Open?

The recent closure of the Ruby’s Diner on the Huntington Beach pier as well as the Oceanside location has people wondering about the further of the original location on Balboa Pier.

Since the announcement of the closures of the other restaurants the Balboa location has been fielding the question will it remain open and, the word from management is yes it will.

The news that the iconic restaurant is to remain open on the end of wooden Balboa Pier where it has been since 1982 is good news for its generations of local fans. The restaurant is known for its burger and fries as well as thick milkshakes this location has been a favorite for many for date nights, family meals and, watching the sunset from the end of the pier.

Ruby’s is a favorite of mine and, i will have to visit again soon although its most likely going to be busier as the closing of the Huntington Beach location might have pushed some people to visit again sooner.


1 Balboa Pier, Balboa, CA 92661

(949) 675-7829 or

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