Is Newport Coast A City?

Okay let me get this out of the way straight away Newport Coast is a not a city its just an area of Newport Beach The reason why i posed the question in the first place is many people in the Newport Coast area of Newport Beach treat it as a separate city.

To many people if you say you live in Newport Beach they get offended and correct you and say they live in Newport Coast. The reason why they do that is pure vanity as they think by living in Newport Coast they are richer or more exclusive.

In the past people or companies would get a mailbox in Newport Beach because it looked better for people they were in Newport Beach than Costa Mesa or Santa Ana. The internet i think for the most part changed this and people care less in general what city snail mail is going to as a lot of business is now done by email.

People that live in Balboa Island or Corona Del Mar are generally fine with saying that or Newport Beach but if people live in Newport Coast more often than not they want to point out they live in Newport Coast not Newport Beach.

I worked at a retail store and as Newport Coast was being built out our system didn’t recognize Newport Coast because its not a city. If a customer saw it say Newport Beach on the screen or paperwork and they were from the Newport Coast area of Newport Beach they would often ask you change it which at the time we couldn’t.

Occasionally they would vent how mad they were Newport Coast wasn’t in the system or ask for a manager so it could be changed which it couldn’t. The system has since been updated and Newport Coast is now an option under city because so many people complained to corporate even though Newport Coast isn’t a city.

To say you live in Newport Coast instead of Newport Beach and get offended if someone says the wrong one is pure ego and vanity. Other than your vanity people who don’t live there don’t care if you live in the Newport Coast area of Newport Beach, Balboa Island, Corona Del Mar or even Costa Mesa because you live in a certain place it doesn’t make you better than someone else.

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