$40 OC Bus Pass Now Available

May 16th 2022: As fuel prices hit new records across Orange County in seems like daily OC BusOpens in a new tab. is offering a discounted monthly unlimited bus pass. The new 30 day value pass can be purchased through the OC Bus app to purchase just go to the store on the app and select promotions as your rider type; Once you select done your passes will be available for purchase.

The 30 day value pass price of $40 is a 40 percent savings over the regular price of $69 and once activated on the bus is good for 30 days of unlimited bus travel. Also if you don’t want a monthly pass there is also the same discount on a bundle of five one day passes which is $15 and can be purchased the same way through the app.

Recently the OCTA also announced free youth bus passes on OC Bus so in a world where everything is going up in price at some things are less expensive.

Courtesy of Costa Mesa Insider.comOpens in a new tab.

OC Bus At Huntington Beach

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